Successful brands know that understanding what their customers want is the key to meaningful brand communications that enhance the customer experience.

Do you truly understand your customers, and subsequently cater to their needs, wants and desires? In a world of information overload, understanding your customers is crucial if you’re looking to build a comprehensive, cost-efficient marketing approach. Interactive video is an invaluable CRM tool that can help you gain in-depth insights and data about your customers.

Understanding your customer’s motivations can feed into every facet of your business, from product development to the marketing process and beyond, assisting you to achieve ongoing success.

In turn, this can help you build customer engagement, strengthen customer loyalty and, eventually, increase customer retention.

When it comes to customer retention, understanding your customer can help you build an ongoing relationship with them, nurturing loyal customers to become brand advocates. And it’s worth your while to do so; studies show that loyal customers are worth ten times more than their original purchase.

The importance of interactive video content

The fact that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine is testament to the power of video and speaks to its role as a highly engaging content form. However, interactive video content adds a more immersive level of engagement, allowing consumers to engage with brands instead of passively consuming their content. It creates a collaborative relationship where the viewer feels invigorated and empowered by their active involvement.

How does interactive video content build customer loyalty?

Interactive video content is not only highly engaging, it opens up a two-way dialogue with your customers, helping you gain valuable insights about your customer’s likes, dislikes, and purchasing behaviour.

This, in turn, allows you to deliver compelling, relevant content to your customers. And relevance is key. In a recent content marketing report, almost 60% of content marketers said that relevance was the most important element in creating effective content.

Video engagement creates valuable data outputs

Traditional video metrics can help you benchmark the popularity of your video content against past content. However, these traditional metrics can be limited. For instance, they won’t give you insight into why users switch off from a video. While these metrics do provide some insights, interactive video provides brands with a much deeper understanding of user motivations.

Unlike standard video content, where viewers can only stop, pause and play, interactive video gives viewers more ways to interact, which can lend customer success teams a myriad of valuable customer insights.

Every single interaction a viewer makes on an interactive video is recorded, and provides a key to understanding more about what drives users. Interactive video records conversion rates and the interaction rate on any number of interactive components, such as call to action buttons or information boxes. It can even provide brands with custom analytics; they can build polls and feedback forms into interactive videos for rich, real-time insights.

These insights can help businesses build rich insights around the factors that would compel users to make a purchase or take an action from their content. This information can then be fed into their overall content strategy or even used to improve products or services or refine business practices or processes.

Interactive video content creates a two-way dialogue between you and your customers

Interactive video content builds customer loyalty by opening up the conversation between you and your customers. It assists in building your understanding of the Voice of the Customer (VoC); a term used by businesses to describe a customer’s feedback and perspective of a brand.

A business’ success is often defined by customer-perceived value. Yet, too often, there is a disparity between a businesses’ perception of their brand versus how customers perceive it! Therefore, it’s critical that you have a thorough understanding of VoC, by capturing customer feedback wherever possible and understanding customer expectations.

By building up rich insights and data from interactive content, you can start to build out customer profiling insights and develop your customer relationships further. Functions such as forms, polls and surveys within interactive video can assist you in building richer insights. This qualitative and quantitative data will help you analyse VoC so you can improve the customer journey or even refine and enhance your products and services, creating a customer-centric culture that can drive business outcomes more rapidly.

Eventually, you’ll also be able to use these insights to hone your video content strategy to perfection, delivering relevant content to users that they’re actually interested in.

In turn, your target market will reward you with increased engagement and you’ll be able to build a valuable content loop that will help drive the growth of your business.

Interactive customer video

Example of an interactive customer video

Interactive video makes it easy to create personalised content for your customers

Customer expectations around personalisation are increasing; 86% of customers say personalisation has some impact on what they purchase, with a quarter admitting it “significantly impacts” their purchase decisions.

It makes sense; personalised content takes content relevance to a new level. That said, personalised content can be easier said than done. Personalisation requires laborious data-gathering, insight analysis and testing, right? Well, no, not always.

The beauty of our interactive video is that it allows brands to build deep-level personalisation integration in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This game-changing functionality allows you to easily add personalised details into your video content, the same way you would with other content.

For instance, you can add a user’s name or purchase history in the video to prompt a sign-up, retarget them with other products, ask them questions or just connect with them, using content.

Rich insights from these interactive videos facilitate a a far deeper understanding of the customer lifecycle.

Not only that, it brings the VoC to life, helping you forge a deeper relationship with your customers. By paying closer attention to VoC, you can bridge the gap between customer expectations and their actual experiences, especially in relation to your business.

Overall, interactive video content works hand in hand with data and insights to create an enriched customer profile. Users will benefit from an enhanced customer experience and will have had a positive encounter with your brand.

In turn, this will help you stimulate two-way communication, nurture your customer relationships and create informed strategies that can assist you in delivering relevant, personalised content to users.

Keira Lewis

Customer Success Manager