Vudoo understands that the world is bigger than us and we want to make it a better place. As a successful business, we aim to use our privilege for good whenever and wherever we can. Following the lead of our partners at Salesforce, Vudoo has signed up to Pledge 1%, a commitment to make philanthropy a core part of our business by providing time, money or resources to worthy causes. Pledge 1% is not just about making a promise, but being vocal and visible about it to encourage others to do good. All Vudoo employees are given one day of Volunteer Leave per year to work with a charity of their choice and we’ll share these experiences with our Vudoo community.

To quote Whitney, we believe that children are our future, so Vudoo is also an active supporter of Reach who do important work with young people. Developing the social and emotional wellbeing of our youth is a no-brainer, because life is better when we feel empowered and have empathy for others.

Vudoo also contributed to the Victorian CFA (Country Fire Authority) in the wake of the bushfires of 2019/20, a devastating event that touched us all and inspired us to show gratitude to our brave volunteer firefighters the best way we could.